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Our dream to serve farmers and you.

The family, the farmer and the environment.

East Texas Local

I grew up here in Mt. Vernon, TX, but I was not planning to come back. However, a dream was born when I met my wife.  We decided that where our food came from was important.  So important, that we got a desire to do it ourselves.  So we moved back to Mt. Vernon and got started raising cattle.

Time with Family

Time quickly became scarce in our family.  It might have been because of our time of life, having three kids, but it was also clear that we were trying to do too much at once.  We were raising cattle and trying to market the beef all by ourselves.  That may sound simple, but it it complex and takes time to do well.

Our Dream

We met many other families who were trying to produce organic and sustainable food and who were finding the same difficulty with time.  We decided to make a change and stoped raising beef. Now we help other farmers market and sell what they produce.  Our dream is that we could serve these friends and families and market their food.  That way they can have more time for doing what they are passionate about well.  They can also have more time for time off or date night or whatever.  Coming full circle, we also want to make it easier for you, someone who cares about their food, to connect with our farmers; this will save you time as well.


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